Ready. Almost.

It’s only four and a half days of school until this trip starts to unfold. Our plans have taken a little more shape: we’ll be teaching for a week, and then I plan to spend a few days in a friend’s hometown: Tiantangzhai 天堂寨 is a village in the Dabie Mountains 大别山 bordering Anhui province, about three hours by bus northeast of Wuhan (where we’ll be teaching). My best current translation of 大别山 is ‘another big mountain.’ 😀 Wuhan is a massive sprawling city of about 20 million in central China, on the Yangtze River. It’s about halfway between Beijing and Hong Kong, and about halfway between Shanghai and Xi’an (home of the Terracotta Warriors).

I picked up my business cards today, and have almost started packing. And I’ve just set this blog to automatically update on Facebook, so people know what I’m up to and where I am without me having to worry about VOIP. The next few days are going to fly, and then I get a China Eastern flight directly from Sydney to Wuhan, hopefully NOT on a plane with a dodgy engine like the flight last week… which I’m trying very hard NOT to think about…

Wuhan, take two

Wuhan Polytechnic 武汉职业技术学院 is home to about 20 000 students and teaches everything from aviation services to architecture, fashion design to mechanical engineering. (Not to mention its School of Marxism 马克思主义学院!) In a couple of weeks I will spend my school holidays back in Wuhan, this time teaching a short Digital Media course to staff and students at Wuhan Polytechnic with Dr Janet Marles 马珍宁 from James Cook University 库克大学. I’m really looking forward to being immersed in photography and image-making, and returning to the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, where I spent three beautiful weeks last Chinese autumn.

Here’s hoping for clear blue skies!